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Links and thoughts from James Hunley and the crew
at Alta Nova.

We are at your service.
If you have ideas or questions about music, promotion, concerts or travels just ask.

Hunley sites and the best deal on Guitar strings in the world!

A personal note from James.

"Life is what you make it, dream dreams, live, love and spread joy every chance you get.
We can make this planet a better place through
understanding and care for other sentient beings.
Think, hope, laugh, do great things and you will
recieve great things in return."

This site is for people who play music for out of love not ego.
If you need help, this is a site that tells the truth.
A living Legend and one of James' best friends.
The whole Guitar world owes the Longs a great deal of thanks.They keep the guitars written works alive.
We hope that guitarists around the world have the chance to meet the Longs they are truly wonderful people!
Bill Gilbert told me that he is taking orders for new Gilberts(they are amazing).
I am ready to make that change.
He is happy to answers questions about Gilbert Guitars.

Contact James directly at

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